Why Bali

Bali Boutique ToursBali Boutique Tours
There are so many reasons people fall in love with Bali...

The exotic weather where it's sunny all year, the collection of beaches, laidback atmosphere, mystical temples and hospitality from the Balinese people are just a few. 

The awesome dining, rich heritage food, value for money and unique culture all feature highly.

You will be truly mesmerised by the natural beauty of the scenic waterfalls, emerald green rice fields and golden sunsets. 

  1. Safe and secure solo travellers can easily and safely walk around during the evening.
  2. Balinese people are kind, courteous and caring.
  3. English language is spoken and understood.
  4. Money conversion easy to calculate.
  5. Easy 5 1/2 hour direct flight from Melbourne.
  6. On arrival normally just 20 mins to your hotel.
  7. No visa required.
  8. Beach to mountain jungle in 1 hour.
  9. Swimming water is always warm.
  10. Climate hot days warm nights no need for long sleeve's
  11. Food delicious flavours and choice Australian, Thai, Indian and Western cuisine.
  12. Economical daily expenses.
  13. Taxi's easy to catch, cheap and plentyful.
  14. Luggage no need for big heavy luggage in some cases 7kg carry on is sufficient.
  15. Simplicity simple life style no need to dress up or over dress you can wear the same clothes day and night.
  16. Enjoyment fun from the minute you arrive relax and laugh, meet new friends, just another world. 

A tour of Bali will create a life time of memories and you wanting more